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“First Affair” is definitely the last thing you would expect sonically from a town as quaint as Okeechobee. Yet here you have a group of young eager open minded artists cutting their teeth at what really is quite a masterpiece of an album. The progressions from song into song seem like divine intervention of sorts might have placed them in the sequence they are brought to you in. The instrumentation and vocals come across smooth as butter. The intricacies here are so painstakingly placed that you know these guys are tired due to the work they have placed in this gem. Yet you know it was a labor of love to say the very least. I will definitely being having a couple more affairs with listening to this again and again. I hope this is only the start, because I for one am all ears for a second affair at this point. Great production work, great instrumentation, and a damned good throat behind this band. On the scale of 10 out of 10 they exceed my expectations and deserve the attention and recognition this may bring them


“First Affair is such a breath of fresh air. Great vocals paired with an awesome bass line, groovy drums, and fabulous guitar licks that’ll make any day instantly better. You’ll feel the lyrics deep in your soul and the music will definitely tickle your fancy; First Affair is a great first album from an upcoming band.


Sexual Groove Machine Live’s debut EP “First Affair” is a mix of  jazz, light rock and blues with a retro feel. A sound all their own that could be relaxing to most people. Great background music for light conversation.


Sexual Groove Machine Live is on the cutting edge of the adult contemporary music scene.  Tracks Close the Door, Diamond Man, and Love Doctor are songs you might hear playing in the background at coffee shops all over the US.


Groovy Dudes

Kevin Shumate


Jacob Jackson


Dylan McCloskey

Lead Guitar

J.T. Benbow

Rhythm Guitar

Rodney Harper

Bass Guitar

Groovy News

First Affair Released

Grooving atop the shoulders of giants comes First Affair! In their first album, Sexual Groove Machine Live learns of love, loss, life, and the rock n' roll that binds us.Sexual Groove Machine Live presents, "First Affair", now available to purchase here....

Exclusive Song Release

"Sexual Lil' Groove Thang" https://youtu.be/p15oECcuvsw

Album “First Affair” is Complete

We have completed the Studio Time, Final Mixing and Mastering of the album "First Affair".  We are currently working on copy writing, album art and distribution services.  The Album will be released very soon!

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